• enoch1998 10w


    Beach walking, the waves are talking
    They saw a man, the face is frowning
    They asked him "How are you doing?"
    The man bowed his head and looked longing

    He's upset but his mind is set
    He did realizing but not to forget
    No to turning back, no to regret
    I hope he did, before the sun has set

    I was the man in the beach walking
    I'm with myself, singing, talking
    Only waves listening, answering
    Do I look crazy? over thinking?

    Why were the shells are beautiful?
    The rock formations are wonderful
    I looked up, there's a rainbow so colorful
    But why this life of mine is so awful?

    Curiosity comes on my mind so clever
    Looking for answers to remember
    Until this awfulness of mine turn to never
    I'm too young, there's more to endeavor

    The sun has set
    and there are waves, my outlet
    I'm leaving with mind is set
    I'll keep the words of ours as a secret