• rusha_c 10w

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    We often fail to stitch our lives intricately. They usually look like messy mounds of cloth darned together but that doesn't mean we should put quietus on our faith to be flawless.

    Flaws are what makes us one of a kind (unique), and perfection being the perfect myth always keep us on our toes.

    The mere idea of perfection is based on standards, how well can a person perform in a certain task, and even the higher standards is also a creation of certain humans only, who by the way possess some flaws too.

    We can't deny that hardwork and the will to improve is a matter of appreciation, but what we have to understand is that, we have to create our own possibilities, we have to create our own paths rather than following someone else's.

    /Being unique is sane, being different is always okay .....just believe in yourself .....and keep going and keep making your own intricate designs with limitless flaws./