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    As a challenge by nikhil, my first attempt on Shakespearian sonnet.
    Rules are :
    1. The soonet consists of 14 lines divided as three quatrains and one couplet
    2. Rhyming scheme should be ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
    3. Every line must have ten syllables
    4. The couplet usually comes as conclusion or amplification of first three stanzas.

    Nikhil as it ws your challenge I would love to get your comments and suggestions on this. I tried it for the firt time. I hope it's up to the mark. ��
    Others also suggestions and comments are more than welcome.
    If you all want to try, do give it a try and tag ur posts with �� #sspwithnik and tag #nikhilincredible

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    It's raining tonight, and you by my side
    Thunders and chilled breeze, your warmth is all I need
    Come and delve for what we are trying to hide
    Let's accomplish what we have always fancied

    As you hold my hand, my heart skips a beat
    You pull me close, and our eyes share a glance
    In this cold wave, you ignite spark of heat
    In the beats of rain, we cuddle as we dance

    You are nurturing me with all your love dear
    As we make love in rain so gracefully wild
    Rain pour down to witness love so rare
    Today's night behold the love undefiled

    As we reach this lovely stage of tenderness
    Baby, do you know you are my only weakness