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    #cant_let_you_go_part 31


    I.... Love you,".

    {When James and Ivan left the park after asking those questions}

    "Hm? I wonder whats with them!" thought Juleka.
    Juleka then seeing his chats with Nathan on her phone, she thought ," *sigh* Nathan... I sure did a long chat with him last night! His words of kindness, he sure is a good guy! He is the same as Luka-- huh...? What... Did I just thought?! Same as Luka? Um.... Uh... Wait.... I always used to said that I love the one who wrote that letter, well, that doesn't mean I love-- um... I mean... What's wrong with me?!! I don't want to get into a mess... But... Those two... Nathan and Luka.... I can't pick one... I really can't--"
    Them her phone bell rings, it's was Nathan phone. Juleka calmed herself and answered the call, " um.. hey luk-- I mean hey Nathan! What's up? Hope I am doin I mean, gope you are doing well!? ( What's wrong with me?!! Why am I talking like this?! )"
    "Uh.... (Is she ok?!) I am doing well, um.... What's with u today? Talking weird... I mean... Not early weird I mean... You said someone else's name... I mean.. that luk or whatever that was...! (I know this is going to be sudden, but, pls bear with the sentence I will say)" said Nathan.
    " Oh... It's nothing! I am all good! (Hm... Why am I holding back telling him about Luka?! *Sigh*) so, how were your exams? ( Shit, I already asked him this yesterdays night! Tch!)" Said Juleka.
    "Oh... (Is she really ok?!) It all went good, anyways, I am pretty good at my fencing classes too!"
    "Oh, that's good to know!! Good luck and good job!"
    "Um... (I really can't hold it.... Should k say how I feel about her?! Or is it too early?! Nah... )"
    " And you know Nathan, I will like a duel with you ... I mean.. whenever you or I meet at one place...." Said Juleka.
    "Oh.. I would like to do the same... And you know what... There's something I need to tell you...!*blush*"
    "Hmm? (Uh.....what's goin on?)"
    " You know... I really am thankful to meet someone like you, ever since you said that sentence when we first met, you got stuck inside my head, then, after hearing about your suffering, I am thankful that my letter helped you! And thanks for my mom and your mom, we are Friends! Thanks you gave me your number! You know, whenever we chat, your caring words always touches my heart, whenever I call you and hear your voice, it gives me relief,"
    "(Does you mean...?!)" Thought Juleka,
    Nathan continued," Juleka, I think I have fallen in love with you, let me say this clearly, Juleka Cissaire, I love you!"
    Juleka was full of blushes, she said," wha....??? You said....??" Then she sees Luka and cancels the phone.

    After hearing to Luka, Juleka bowed her head down. As Luka went forward kiss her, he saw Juleka crying, she said," lu....ka.... *Sob sob*
    I am..... *Sob* really..... Really.... Sorry"
    Luka fell back and was just looking at Juleka with an amazed face.
    Juleka said," I...... I.... Can't... Choose one!! *Sob sob*"
    "Is it because of Nathan?" Luka asked.
    Juleka got stunned ans looks at Luka face. Luka saw Juleka and said with no emotion," I see! "
    Then turns back and walks toward his home. Juleka was just seeing Luka. She got no words to say. Luka walked and saw Ivan and James standing. He look at them then take turns towards his home. James said," luka wait-"
    Ivan kept his hand at James shoulder and said," it's no use!"
    James looks at Ivan and then sees Juleka.
    Juleka was full of confused and sad eyes. She bowed her head and went to her home.
    Luka reaches his home and takes out his guitar, and said," oh.... I see Juleka.... I should have known....!"
    Them late that night, Juleka, Nathan, Luka, James, Ivan, no one ate dinner.
    Luka and Juleka goes on bed, luka takes guitar in his hand and Juleka takes pillow in her hand , they said,"
    Why..... Why can't you think of me in that way.... Tch..... I shouldn't have... Said that..... But....
    I still..... Can't let you go!"

    -----------------to be continued-------------
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    Can't let you go
    Part 31