• kayceediv 23w

    I will never say goodbye...

    You walked into my life and became a part of it
    You walked out and I feel like I'm in bits
    We never had the chance to say good bye
    That still hurts so bad
    I have had So many questions to ask
    So many things to say..
    If you were here I'd be better
    I'd be stronger and wiser
    But you left before I could even stand on my own
    We had plans and now I can't execute any
    I feel I let you down by my life now
    I feel terrible but I don't know how
    You were my guide
    My angel on earth
    Now you live in heaven
    I can't say you're still around me
    At times I feel you're here
    The feeling fades and tears come
    I'm not crying as I used to
    I'm trying to be strong
    I can't forget you
    I keep referring to you
    My heart aches when I can't reach you...
    I hope you're not too disappointed in me
    If only you could be human again
    Things are moving but I'm stuck

    It's dark here cos you left
    It's cold at times cos you left
    My! You were the sun I didn't see
    You once said you'd only rest in death
    I hope you're resting now
    Everything reminds me of you
    Stranger turned brother
    Thank you!
    I still pray for you
    I will tell my story with you in it
    I will tell my children about you.
    You can't be forgotten in centuries.
    You left me with so many memories

    I still wish I'd look up and see you smile at me
    I've looked up several times
    Maybe you're not so happy
    Rememberwhen you said you feel the distance
    I feel it so much more...
    Do you cry? Please don't!
    I know you would have fought!
    I know you didn't just give up!
    I fought too, I still think I'd see you in this life
    I hear angels can be born again
    Can you come around again?
    There's so much to say
    Of all the things to say,
    I'd never say goodbye
    I'd say REST ON Teso
    Je t'aime
    You know now I don't even speak French that well
    So much was lost the day your breath was lost...

    In this life, I'd always remember you
    Forgive me for anything I did...
    Pray for me if you can
    I hope I'd see you on the last day..
    Tell my grannies and uncle.. I miss them
    4th of July 2015
    The longest day I've lived!
    It still feels like last night
    I hope I can make you proud...
    It's hard to trust and hope now
    I feel I used all my hope and trust to get you back
    It failed now it's hard to find reasons to...
    I hope I heal
    I hope I heal...