• nifemi 4w

    Love doctor, heal yourself,
    I'm the very best in the business of helping lovers,
    I create love in an atmosphere of hate and toxic tension,
    I restore lost love in hearts that have turned cold,
    I personally stitch broken hearts,
    And reconstruct broken trusts,
    I'm not even a carpenter but I build homes,
    Not even a glue but I bring enemies together,
    Providing panacea to all love diseases,
    Recommending doses of love-quinine,
    Administering shots of fast recovery love advices.

    I give what I don't have,
    I share what I can't feel,
    I'm a messiah that can't save himself,
    Preaching the gospel I don't comprehend,
    The best surgeon that can't operate himself,
    A slave that promises freedom,
    Desperately wishing for a chance at the game of love,
    "Are you the promised Messiah or shall we wait for another?"
    If love was a virus, maybe it would spread and I will be infected,
    If it was a song, maybe I will learn the lyrics and sing it too,
    Love doctor, heal yourself.