• bhumika10 9w

    A lost shadow

    Hey buddy, I hope that you are doing fine
    Staring at the phone, going through this line
    You got all you wanted, money, car and glory
    Let me ask you one thing, are you happy really??

    Hey buddy, do you even remember me?
    Or am I forgotten just like one of your lost key?
    I know you are too busy checking your expense
    And I'm one of the invisibles, not worthy of remembrance

    Hey buddy, you looked stunning in that suit and tie
    Giving an interview, telling a bunch of lie
    I saw a stranger that day, surrounded by camera and light
    Where did I lose that boy who cried after every fight

    Hey buddy, I saw you passing by that lane
    It was dark and windy, full of thunder and rain
    Yes, I'm talking about that lane full of memories
    Where we ran freely having no pain and worries

    Hey buddy, do you remember those happy days?
    When we chased our shadows, falling on our ways
    We walked hand in hand while the church bells rang
    We sang some songs which are now never sung

    Hey buddy, it was 9 o'clock in the night
    We stood on the same lane after having a fight
    You said you were too young and you did not feel a thing
    Money and glories is all you can dream

    Hey buddy, you left me alone, shivering in the cold
    I cried loud and loud, needed something to hold
    I lost my shadow in the lane and never found it back
    You did not turn, just faded away into the dark

    Hey buddy, did you really forget how to laugh?
    Oh sorry, you might be too busy in doing some paperwork
    I heard that you can no longer talk, you just give orders
    You don't have any friends, yet you have lots of followers

    Hey buddy, people listen when you speak, but do they talk to you?
    Do they smile, do they cry with you?
    You have dishes in restaurants and large dining hall
    But do you still fight for the last piece of pizza, standing by a stall?

    Hey buddy, I see you opening some events or shows
    Where puppets like you clap, sitting in rows
    But do you ever sit on the sofa with your loved ones?
    Sleeping on their lap, feeling the warmth of their arms?

    Hey buddy, are you still not matured enough to see?
    Money and fame are traps, they won't let you free
    Happiness is meaningless without people to share
    Man isn't man without love, respect and care

    Hey buddy, it's never late if you want to try
    It's good to have feelings, sometimes it's good to cry
    You are just stuck in some other lane which is very narrow
    I know you'll make out of it, cause that night I was not the only one who lost her shadow