• aditi_choudhury 10w

    Its so hard when becoz of some past experiences we think thrice before saying someone how much we miss them or hesitate to trust them even when we know how strong feelings we have for them..
    Because we have been there when all your time and effort felt like wasted..and you have a made a long way to move out of the trap..

    Just because we act this weird or keep this safe distance constraint in between..there is a possibility that they think we dont care about them..
    But the truth is..we only think about them the whole time..we think we are saving ourselves from getting hurt but they confronting us how less we value them hurts even more..you are hopeless..

    We want the things to work out but can't gather enough trust to make it happen..we hope someday they understand and help us getting out from the fear by showing how much more love we actually deserve..