• manju_lata_05 6w

    Class at class eight ( part 2 )

    We were caught by mom !

    We couldn't connect much .
    But tried very hard to do so ,
    Sometimes through friend's phones or crushed hand written letters .
    He came home oneday when mom wasn't present !
    Just for a visit, don't take it otherwise guys .
    It was only 5 mins that he had drunk a glass of chilled water,
    That all of a sudden , very unexpectedly ,
    Mom was knocking at the main door .
    I panicked and opened the door .
    Had always kept a sentence in mind,
    Those who love , fear nothing .
    So my mind started working very fast
    And I thought of an excuse very quickly .
    I had never even solved a mathematical problem that quickly .
    Mom came in with a serious look on her face .
    I told him to just leave everything to me through signs .
    He touched my mom's feet .
    *Touching feet is an indian culture which shows respect for elders and taking blessings from them.
    I answered to mom's questions :
    Guess the questions, you are smart.
    " He is my friend's elder brother mom ."
    To the second one I said ,
    "To hand me over my pendrive ."
    "So work's done right ?" Mom asked .
    "Yes mom" I replied .
    And asked him too to leave the place as soon as he could .
    Oh God what an hour it was with HIM and MOM !

    To be continued........stay tuned......