• killedbymyheart 10w

    Sometimes writing is the only outlet I have to release my pain. It's never very good. But it is always real.
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    Dear Heart

    Dear heart,
    are you still beating in there?
    You've got to stop this breaking.
    I know it's hard while he's in the air,
    but you have to forget that he caused this aching.
    I let him right past my walls,
    With no regard for your safety.
    I'm so sorry I didn't protect you.
    I wish I would have known that he was faking.

    How could I have known he was faking?

    Dear brain, please stop your irrational thinking.
    You know he doesn't love you, but you just keep on believing.
    You have the power to acknowledge his deceiving.
    But you choose the pretty stories over my well being.

    Dear man who ripped the optimism from my chest,
    Falling for your games has lead me into the abyss
    Of self doubt, crippling regret and bitterness
    How was it possible to turn me into this? The ability to believe in anything, I truly miss.
    I will move on from this someday, that I can promise.

    Dear person who someday gives me their love,
    I promise not to ever treat you like you aren't enough.
    We will build a foundation nobody can destruct.
    Based on communication, loyalty and trust.
    We can live in ecstasy while the whole world envies us.