• goddesssasha 10w

    Can You Hear Me?

    I’m not a poem,  
    I’m not found in the plethora of lyrics sung  
    in your favourite tunes,  
    Exhausted and broken from trying to be perfect,  
    I am not...  
    a symphony,  
    I‘m unedited, with raspy sounds,  
    not harmonious,  
    not anything worth listening to.  
    I’m detached from my feelings,  
    because feeling has been too imperfect  
    and that’s never okay...  
    I am empty and fatigued trying to be too much,  
    striving so hard,  
    loving too much.  
    Yes, I am not a finished poem,  
    or lovely song bursting with wonderful  words.  
    And I am completely fine with that.