• sahnah 5w

    No! Don't drink that!" Screamed the woman. But we both were too tired and thirsty to resist. She stared at the empty bottle and ran out.
    We looked at each other and realised that we have done the foolish thing in our lives. Time halt, we were so scared thinking that we were going to die in the next coming minutes. But unfortunately or fortunately all depend on you this actually did not happen. Half and hour was over and we both keep staring at each other and suddenly we bursted out in laugh.

    " Oh, that was so funny, I thought that we were breathing our last breath of our lives, but we are still alive my dear." Said my friend.
    Suddenly I felt a disturbance inside myself and I rushed out in the fresh air. I was in such a dilemma to see everything so different that it was impossible to conclude what I was witnessing. My friend rushed out too after me and when I turned back I was left with my mouth wide opened and my eyes in my hand. She was almost trasformed in a she-wolf and what was most surprising I was already in a giant she-wolf form.
    People everywhere started to run to save their lives from two wolves while we were more afraid and we started to run, run, run without knowing where to go.
    Dring dring...dring dring....
    "What's that" I asked my friend.
    "It's your phone pick it up." She said.
    I picked up the phone and I can hear my friend voice saying to me
    "Hey dear...I have a horrible nightmare yesterday night."
    My eyes opened and I jumped out of the bed....All I uttered while staring at myself in the mirror "Me too."