• mirror 9w


    the way I see it
    we're two parallel lines
    with so much in common
    that even though
    we may have originated
    at two separate places
    we choose to travel together
    to infinites
    that none of us know

    the way I see it
    we're two overlapping circles
    that are continuously straying
    into concentricity
    such that
    all of you is all of me
    and the lines to our edges
    are so fuzzy
    that they appear one.

    the way I see it
    we're two obscured equations
    of two very uncertain variables
    that co-exist
    depending on each other;
    we make sense
    until we make no sense at all.

    the way I see it
    we're two loops
    joining hands
    at each others opposite ends
    making a never ending infinity
    of the few scattered
    yet arresting things
    that make us

    the way I see it
    i'm a fleck
    in the vast cosmic universe
    and you're the void
    that surrounds it;
    i am everything
    that gives you significance
    yet I am nothing
    without you.


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