• eti_write 5w

    "Did they love you more than me", father whispered with teary filled eyes.

    As he stared at his lifeless daughter hanging from the ceiling.

    She tried so hard to stay alive, but she had enough of the pain, the shame and constant torture from her friends

    She was forced, out of her will, she was raped. Her dignity was taken, one which she kept for her soul mate.

    "I love you dad, I was pregnant" she wrote on her suicidal note, kept across the room.

    She would have endured, she would have fought the trauma, the could have stayed alive and achieve her dreams. But the thought of carrying the seeds of one, if not all of those demons made her weak, brought back memories of the bitter incident.

    They walk free, they go about their usual activities while she wept, stayed up late, self harmed and took pills. But that was not enough for her, cause the pains were still coming back as they found solace in her agony.

    In the end, rope, fan and a chair crept up her hallow mind. She took her own life because of men who couldn't control their libido