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    HolyBible#Jesus is king

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    Who's greater?

    No man is greater, no man is superior, no man is above the other, no man should feel himself above the others thinking that he has full authority over anyone. Why so, because everyone is gonna die, the only superior man is the one that will never die the one that got risen from death, the one who lives forever and ever and the one who will come back to fetch his children. Black or white we are all gonna die. All these injustices taking place, killing others as if they were animals, just know you're gonna die someday and where will your soul be at, will the son of God take you with him?
    You're seriously not better than anyone, black white, mixed, red, yellow
    You ar not superior to anyone.
    Black people were created by God, you are trying to destroy what God created forgetting that you are a simple creation too and not the creator.
    To all my brothers and sisters hurting by this, remember that God exists and his peace shall be with you always