• darkest_of_nights 6w

    This World Suicide Prevention Day,

    Let's run away from the self hate
    anger, bitterness, disappointment, frustration
    run away from all of it
    hand in hand.
    //i won't leave you behind//

    Let's be each other's comfort
    and not let
    one of us
    sleep with a wet pillow again.
    //they don't deserve your tears//

    Let's put our words together
    weave them beautifully
    so that whenever
    one of us falls
    our blanket of love
    is ready to catch them.
    //wrap the love around yourself today//

    Let's put the blades away today
    and give ourselves a break
    stop writing our pain
    across our skin.
    //the blood won't flow the pain out//

    Let's challenge our monsters
    dare they whisper something
    into our ear
    and dare they laugh
    when we cry
    //i'll be the one breaking away tonight//

    Let's collect all our blues
    spread it across the sky
    and watch
    as the sun burns our blues down.
    //paint yourself with love rather than red//

    Let's stitch up each other's wounds
    decorate our scars
    with beads of affection
    and tell ourselves
    we're beautiful
    no matter what.
    //hey you, i love you//

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    The scars
    they're there,
    not to remind you of how weak you were
    but to remind you
    you were strong enough
    to not fully give up
    even if you wanted to.