• gabby_ella 10w

    I've been counting the happy days of when I first met you
    Most of the time I'd wanted these days to repeating so I could be with you
    It's always promises never to leave my side
    All the others don't seem to matter when it comes to you
    Yes people flew in and out but they didn't seem to fang me like you did
    On the rainy days in the dark
    When the fears left my sweat running down my back
    The fears I wouldn't be enough
    The fears that you'd meet others to love
    The fears that I'd become history
    The fears that I wouldn't even fit in your memory
    Maybe it was wrong that we met, but how can wrongs start to feel so right?
    Why bother about the feelings I can no longer fight
    I've been running and running even though I've lost sight
    And you've been the dream I've been dreaming night after night after night after night