• migekambu 5w

    To an unknown land

    Oh! dear azure of beautiful sky.
    Take me far away from the human land
    Where there will be no sign of human being Free me today from the cage of human jeer.
    For I'm exhausted today enduring human race.
    Take me to a land where fairies and unicorns exist.
    A place where birds, animals and trees speak.
    Without prejudices in there senseless heart.
    Take me away before the world kills me.
    And Let me find solace in the green meadows
    And courage in the heart of unicorns.
    The world is no more a safe place for me.
    But as a lion's den where I'm a prey.
    Everyone with cold eyes around
    To belittle my life that God has gifted
    Oh! delicate Breeze fly me away with your tender touch.
    To the land where fairies and unicorns exist
    So, world may no more Pierce my heart.
    I would love to exist with rivers and lakes
    With animals and birds
    With tress and stones
    With hills and valleys
    With cloud and sky
    With stars and moon
    With wind and rain.
    But not with a society full of prejudices.
    Filled with senseless beings.
    Oh! dear unicorn ride me away to your land
    A land where with confidence I can stand
    A land where fairies will my heart understand.