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    Rain comes, ok fine the season is monsoon
    For loveing, for feeling the cold cold wind and coldness of weather
    For nourishing the soil making the seed to growing up
    Enjoying a hot cup of tea(in which the whole Assamese proud) with "pokora"
    Till now it is fine
    But when the clouds don't stop crying then it makes others crying
    Brahmaputra, the soul of assam
    When Getting frustrated create a havoc pain in the near by people,who may be never get over pain their entire life
    They are suffering from what u can't even imagine
    Seeing brahmaputra daily with full of water it's fine for them
    But now, like this as the river drown their house ,which was filled with uncountable dreams ,they broke
    Now the people r homeless ,even some of them entirety lost their land
    Their loveble one, whom they will never find anywhere
    The kids r crying , seeing their parents crying
    They even don't know what has happened just
    And we just seeing them in news, in media, in quotes
    Those crying faces ,those faded faces which will be so difficult to dream again
    Those praying hands for foods for livelihood
    Melts our eyes too
    Now we just do help and hope that everything will be ok soon!!!

    Just once feel it, if u can, do help them because they really need it, u can find many helpline no , agencies, organisation , do contact and help��#mirakee#writeforpurpose#rain#flood#nature#need#help#assam#floodinassam

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    when clouds don't stop crying, makes others crying