• akanshakumarie 10w


    All of my life, I've been looking for it but I can't see it
    A dreamer in a cloudy mirage, a sea of fear and joy
    I saw it, felt it in my dream that day I'm sure that we will find someday...
    A sketch map that draws one stroke each night after chasing after glows
    I'm fine even if I'm a little far away, I'll climb
    In a world without existence itself I'll make it close to our life
    It's a dream, but the truth is I can't stop even if everyone laughs at it
    We can touch utopia we can reach there, utopia
    The treasure hidden in the clouds is not a dream but a place for us
    I can not sleep, my voice is locked. I'm running forward, my knees are worn out .
    Go to the top, we're going high, I've set our destination to sky!
    It's okay to laugh at me, we're too young to stop..
    When I was crossing the night and I opened my eyes,
    The cold wind touches me a little more... Utopia!