• simply_scarred 30w

    Happily never after

    Sat on the balcony looking at the dark garden
    Slowly being enlightened by the sun rising
    Behind the tall buildings
    Wondering why my life took this sudden turn
    N how i watched my soul burn
    Its been a long time since i thought about my pain
    N how every attempt to fix it went in vain
    But u came as the sun was rising
    I could barely see u at first in the horizon
    N u restarted my heart n once again it was beating
    I could tell u were as well suffering
    U didn’t have to say much ur eyes did all the talking
    N i thought for a split second we’d catch each other falling
    N for that split second i remembered what it was like hoping
    N i understood how hope can shoot u in the face to make sure the gun is working
    It truly is heartbreaking
    How i for something beautiful am waiting
    After u saw the pain in me while i was smiling
    N how u cracked my code n saved me from suffering
    N how i know it will only end with me crying
    Until i choose to ignore my pain in order for me to stop crying
    I never was one to believe in happy endings
    For a love story praying
    Yet here u got me on my knees
    Saying dear Lord make me his
    But i know ur not what my soul needs