• shreya27 10w


    My heart was made of glass, but broken with missing parts, I was searching for someone who could join them and complete me.
    I got you, as like me you too were broken,
    We talked, we shared our unloved nightmare.
    The soul in us knew that we were now made to complete each other.
    My heart thought for you to be mine, and the miracle happened when you heard the message of my heart.
    And now you have been my present, my dream and as the time is passing out, you have become my drug, without which I can't even think of living.
    You have become my life my love, my everything. When we meet, I want you to take me in your arms forever and take me that close to you that even our hearts match the rhythm when they beat.
    I don't know when I had fallen for you so badly so madly, I don't know when the distance between us will let us be one.
    I wish my love for you just grows even more with time.
    Baby, my love for you is something that can't be expressed in words.
    If you come to me with a face I haven't seen, with a voice I never heard, I would still know you, because now you owe my heart, that's beating in you.
    Even if centuries seperate us I would still feel you somewhere between the sand and stardust through every collapse and creation, there is a beat that Echoes of us.
    When we leave this world, will give up all other possessions and memories. Love is the only thing we take with us. It is all we carry from one life to next.
    I want to be with you today, tommorow and forever, my love.