• dancerinthedark 10w


    As the sand on the upper bulb
    Of the hourglass
    Trickles down to the lower bulb
    Two friends watch.

    They sit in chairs on opposite sides
    Of a square table.
    Their gazes drift from each other
    To the hourglass
    As the sand in the upper bulb
    Diminishes to a miniscule amount.

    One friend stretches languidly
    And reaches for the hourglass.
    Just as the last few granules of sand
    Are drifting to the crevasse below,
    An oily hand flips the hour glass over,
    And sand grains trickle
    Back to where they came
    Once more.

    As the sand grains come perilously close to cease trickling,
    The other friend flips over the hourglass,
    Their black robe covering all but
    Their bony hand.

    The friends look at each other
    Then turn their heads away from their gameboard
    To the frail old man
    Coughing and wheezing in his empty home.

    The friends wonder when they will
    Tire of this game
    And move on to the next.