• prajukti 5w

    Secrets and Cigarettes

    I want to live
    The life of a child
    Free from chaos and fear
    Of going out in the wild

    I want to get drunk
    Like that one lonely twilight
    Spill my secrets and wail
    Until I see the daylight.

    What does it take
    To get secrets out of me
    Plenty of whiskey and some cigarettes
    I'm so much more than your eyes see.

    They think they know me
    Glad they think so
    I'm an open book but
    It's in a language you don't know.

    Just want to write
    Until my hands bleed
    Smoking & drinking endlessly
    I want more, it's my greed.

    Worrying about stupid things
    I spent my childhood and my teen
    I'd have lived better
    If I knew life would be so mean :)