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    Self love, self care, self enjoyment, self value everything is about ourselves. How we treat us will reflect others to treat us. If you can't vaue or love or enjoy woth yourself od care, how could you expect others to do it for you? Everything is starts with yourself... so start love yourself, care yourself, enjoy yourself, value yourself... And see the changes inside and around you....

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    I'm sparkle in the dark

    They call it as loneliness
    But i call it as self love
    Enjoying with myself
    They ask are you bored?
    I say I'm in tranquility
    They talk a lot about me
    But what i think about me
    Will leads my life
    They said you're in dark
    But I've a question
    How you know I'm in dark?
    'Cause eye can't see in the dark
    So i say yes I'm in the dark
    I'm Sparkle in the dark