• juniorauthor 6w

    "Taken" Chapter 1

    You are in school when it all happens. It is a cool fall Tuesday, and you are in Science. You are usually really into science, but today you aren't paying much attention to the teacher. Instead, you are too busy daydreaming. You are suddenly jolted out of the dream by the sound of the phone. The teacher walks over to his desk and answers it. After a moment of talking, he looks toward you and says, "It seems that they need you in the office." 
    "Okay, sir." You say before getting up and leaving the classroom. 
    You go down the hallway, worried. You have always been the star student, everything about you was nothing less than perfection. From your silky straight brown hair parted perfectly in the middle to your deep brown eyes that seemed to leed straight into your soul. You always wear cute, yet appropriate outfits. You suddenly realize that you are at the office and stop. You go in and see the principal and another man sitting at his desk.
     "Please do, sit down," The other man says. 
    You sit down in the chair in front of them. "Is there anything wrong?" You say, concerned. 
    "Well, yes." The principal replies. 
    "You should probably give us a moment." The strange man says to the principal. After he had left, the man started again.
    "What do you remember about your early youth?" He asks.
    "Who are you?" You ask him.
    "John R. Davis. Leader of experimental departments." He says, proudly. "What do you remember from before you were 7?" 
    "What do you remember from before you were 9?"