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    The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.' - Mk Gandhi

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    "" let's pray for people of Assam , Bihar and other places , fighting with severe floods " ��������

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    " NO ! DON'T DRINK THAT ! " screamed
    the woman . But we both were too tired and thristy to resist . She stared at the empty bottle and ran out . We looked at each other and realized it'd be pointless to keep that hope alive in us , That maybe we'll get something . " Rehan ! " I asked him " what do you think will mom be able ? "
    " I don't think so , Didi ( elder sister ) " he replied seeing me with his rat eyes and lips that were dried out .

    20 years have gone , But memories of those days still linger in me . How can you forget that you'd fought death , Can you ? No , Never .Each and every moment is afresh in me , 'Twas 13th of July , Our neighbours and relatives were telling us that their homes have been ruined because of high flood tides , We should immediately evacuate . But we were sure , We would never get affected .

    We were the richest according to dad in the town , we'd built our bungalow with finest quality bricks and cement . Our house was earthquake and flood proof . We never allowed any poor to even step into our house . Once a bunch of children from a nearby slum happened to jump into our garden, They were tempted by yellow mangoes hanging on the top of tree . When my dad saw them , they were beaten with rods . Somewhere my mom too was a little stubborn . Living in a family with high status we both brother and sister were always taught not to talk to any of these people , Not to touch them .

    So , we ignored Everything and went to bed that night snuggled up in warm quilts . My grandma insisted my dad to give some food , clothes , blankets to victims who'd lost everything , Whose homes have been broken . But dad said it's government who should do that and not us . It's mere wastage of money on some filth , on these poor , Let the flood clean earth .

    At 12 : 10 pm I felt I was light and lifted up , My eyes were trying to open slowly I could hear screams , Sounds of water splashing rapidly . My little 6 year old brother was being carried by one of our neighbor and I by mom .

    People were sobbing , yelling , running to every possible place to safeguard themselves from these terrible floods . Finally we reached at a safe place which was nothing but a tattered tent , At a high altitude . SINCE we were so oblivious when this happened we were in our night suits . Cold zephyrs touching my skin had left me numb . My mom was so dead from crying as my dad was missing . We saw with our own eyes our home shattered into fragments .

    Besides me were more tiny babbies crying for food , Shelter . We were surrounded with just fierce water waves , people's broken dreams and their sweet homes which now were mere fragments and debris floating . Outside that tent we could hear people shouting for food being thrown from helicopter , We both ran out , But saw mom coming back to us .

    " THEY have no food or water now " she says with grief , " I could see her eyes swollen , Body slimming , Skin lifeless . Third day it was , With no food or even a single drop of water . Arms and legs bruised , Worms and insects crawling ,Other men and young people helping those sinking . Some of them were attached by leeches . There were no medications available to us . We we're each other's company only .

    Me and Rehan hugged mom tightly , our eyes were moist . we felt some warmth , Chilly breeze was freezing us . REHAN whispered something " if we would have donated some food , blankets , Maybe we were not dying today ! "

    Then I saw a lady coming to us and giving us some rice , Dal , Rotis " Behan ( sister ) children are hungry give them something " , " don't worry about us our stomachs are used to sleeping without food , They won't ache anymore " .

    That day I learnt , If you're a human with humanity you're richest . ALTHOUGH that day we were experiencing a havoc we were feeling so secured because we all were together .I also learnt how important donation is .

    “ Where there is love, there's life ” - Mahatma Gandhi . Love others as you love yourself . Love and humanity is a magic potion that'll keep us alive even in most devastating situations .