• inkstreet 10w

    I said "S"

    I was walking down the lane.
    With a smile on my face..
    I was stopped by a gentleman
    Staring me with his stern face...
    Disturbed he was, certainly disturbed was he
    Unhappy he looked and suddenly asked he...
    Mockingly he called out me.
    With that damn stare..
    And asked the reason for my happiness and flair..
    He asked mockingly ,how come happy you seem to be..
    As if you have got a blessing,it seems to me.

    I didn't notice his intent or his mock
    Coz I was overwhelmed by the blessing I had got

    Instantly I replied..I have got a blessing it's true..
    And her name starts with " S" she's very fair and true
    ..how graceful ,loving and beautiful a person is she..
    I am fortunate ,I am blessed..,when walked into my life she...
    I told I wish I could .. remove all the letters from alphabet except " S"
    And just fill the entire literature..with her name followed by BLESS..