• breatheinoctober 10w

    You'll Get Through This

    You'll get through this.
    This unbearable loneliness
    This life ending mistake
    This dread you carry with you
    Its sharp edges stuck in the meat of you
    You can't let go.

    Bu you'll get through this.
    You'll wake up to that grey light
    Barely pouring in past the blinds
    Picking up your phone to see no notifications
    Because your life is just as pale and translucent to everyone else
    As it is to you
    Or so it seems.

    But still, you'll get through this.
    The days will bleed into each other
    Monotonous activities that have no goals and lead to nothing spectacular
    Days stacking up like fallen dominos
    Where your biggest accomplishment of the day
    Was basic life skills
    Eating. Showering. Brushing your teeth.
    Accomplishments for those barely flickering flames

    But somehow, we get through this.
    Our lives, filled with the same amount of purpose as a sand crab
    Somehow flickers brighter suddenly
    You binge a great TV show
    And find that vanilla ice cream finally tastes good again
    The gut punches of your bad luck that seems to roll out on a conveyor belt
    Stop leaving bruises because this bad luck feels like it is your life.
    Its consumed some part of you.
    An island sinking in the ocean.

    And still, we get through this.
    I could die tonight with no curiosity of what the future holds
    A sentence that's ran around my mind for days
    Maybe weeks
    A hellhole carousel.
    And I'll wake up tomorrow to that grey light
    Barely pouring in from the blinds
    And I'll eat. Shower. Brush my teeth. Laundry.
    I'll watch more of that show
    And realize vanilla ice cream still tastes good
    And yes I'll still feel as though I could die with not a shred of curiosity to what the future holds.
    But here I am.
    And I'm getting through this.