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    So, here I am. A 20 year old guy who was persuaded by my cousin who's of my same age to go for a date with one of his female friends. I was sceptical about it but eventually agreed to go for the date.

    It wasn't my first date though. Apparently, I was nervous about the whole thing. A date is still a nightmare to me. My mind used to play all the bad scenarios that could happen on a date to me which might embarrass me to a great extent.

    And bam, it was the day. The D-day.

    Boys do have this weird habit. They wear fine attires on normal days but for the date, boys want themselves to look good and wear the most awkward shirt they would've purchased a long back but never wore it even once before. You all might've heard about this syndrome. A guy considers himself to be more attractive than he actually is.

    So was my case, I wore this most weird looking shirt to the date.We actually talked over the phone before the date and fixed the day, time and place like all do. It was at a cafe.

    On the day of my date, I arrived quarter hour earlier and she came at the exact decided time.

    This girl was bold, not arrogant but a good kind of bold. She was indeed good looking and she had a eyes which was piercing. She had this sharp looking eyes which made me not to look anywhere but her eyes. Her poise attitude blew me away. I'm not at all exaggerating. Her attire was so splendid which accentuated her cantour. She was this sweet talking girl who left me in awe. I couldn't decipher how my cousin got to be a friend of such a girl.

    We decided not to dwell upon our basic informations and talk about it as normal people do but we decided to go beyond that. Little deep. I was an astrophysics enthusiast. So was she, to my surprise. We talked about novels, movies, little bit of philosophical stuff here and there and about our passions. I would've been talking to her the whole day, hadn't she asked me this question.

    She asked me what I thought about guys having a relationship with older girls.

    This is where I played the ball wrong. I straight away told her it was gross. It ain't that I have anything against such type of relationships but I thought it might sound cool. It backfired.

    Turns out she was 24 years old and I didn't know about it upto that point and she knew that I was a younger guy all along.

    In a quick reflex, she stood up from her chair and told me that I was a disgusting guy and she further added that she would never date guys with the attitude as mine. She told it little louder. So all faces in cafe turned towards us. She grabbed her handbag and left furiously. It greatly embarrassed me.

    It wasn't my best date, not my worst either.

    Yes, you are right. I killed my cousin and buried in my backyard for not telling me in advance that the girl was older. Lol.

    Guys, watch and learn from this pro.

    This is how you blow up a date.

    Darth Vader is a pro in blowing up the dates.

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