• krieg_ 5w

    When I see the path ahead of me,
    I know it's long and difficult,
    full of bumps n mysteries,
    full of questions I don't know answers to.
    But I realise that's what matters in life the most,
    Not the answers, but the experience solving it,
    as it makes you better than who you are.

    Of all the questions I seek answers,
    there's only one that am eager to figure out.
    Who would would accompany me in this journey,
    Whom I can hold close to me more than anything.
    Whom I can love n never stop loving.
    Whom I can lie onto as my pillows everynight.
    & when I read the options to that question,
    It has your name in all choices.

    So I'll wait here, before the doors of life,
    however long you want to prepare,
    to join me in this voyage.


    Art by Muhammed Salah

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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