• nikitabinigoswami 5w

    Demise Of Love

    Ever since I loved you,
    I had always seen ahead,
    To the day you would,
    Leave and break,
    Me and all,
    The promises in the mid way.

    Things followed,
    Beautiful dreams,
    Foresaw nightmares,
    Importance got replaced,
    With strange ignorance.

    Love slipped away,
    From the fine sieves,
    Of the fake face you wore,
    And of time that flew by,
    In gales of regret and agony.

    I was prepared,
    For everything,
    For the heartbreak,
    For the demise,
    Of the universe you made,
    With false hopes and lies.

    Now it's me,
    Just me and the left over,
    Regrets and melancholy,
    Of your bittersweet memory.

    But all that strikes a contrast,
    Is the lack of pain,
    Despite of your absence,
    Because once all I craved for,
    Was you and your presence.