• mysticrover 9w

    Are they Ghost?
    Those dark shadows....
    They are stuck in Astral.

    Yes, They do exist and they need a ray of divine light, love and power to exit, from their pain and dark side of desires.

    I am a spiritual healer, from my childhood I can feel their presence and can see them and their shadows. I was thinking that, it's normal, and everyone see them too. Its funny but true.

    But when I came into a spiritual modality, I came to know that, what I can see and feel is not same for others. First reason is, It depends on sensitivity according to my understanding. And more sensitivity depends on pure emotions, and emotions like love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness etc., are connected with heart center, and heart center is directly connected with astral body.

    " Estral body is also know as Emotional body."

    Second is, if your energy centers are dirty, then it may be possible to attract unwanted negative entities, they make you feel like, you are
    Surrounded by bad ghost. But this entity topic is completely different but still somewhere connected if you have bad experience or haunting experience. By the way there are many other factors than your sensitive emotional body to see them.

    So let's come to the point. Sadly they turned into a ghost, because they died with unfulfilled desire. And their desires hold them in astral body. Any desires in astral body are 20 times more stronger than of your physical body, and more desires gives you more pain. So when you leave body, your desires knowingly or unknowingly not allow you to go further on the path of illumination .

    A ghost or a soul stucked in astral body can see and hear everything, and most important after leaving the physical body it's easy for them to know the human beings inner real emotions, inshort character. You can't make them fool with fake emotions. When they come to know the real emotions of their loved ones after leaving the physical body, there are two options, either they feel tremendous pain-if it's fake, or a sense of satisfaction-if it's pure.

    And if the soul is stuck for the well being of any loved ones, they will take care of them, till they fill its necessary and then they leave.

    But if the soul is stuck with some material and financial, emotional & physical desire or for revenge, then it may take long time to understand that soul, about the reality, that they are just Wallowing in mud. Sometimes it takes 100, 500 or more than 1000 years to realise that they have wasted their time on lower desires.

    A human being can help them to realise them and release them from their pain to go further to illuminate with the help of prayer, mantra chanting and blessings of divine love, divine light, and divine power.

    The more we be an instrument of God to bless them the more our heart will function with positive emotions, it will smooth our path and these stucked soul's path to get illuminate.

    May be not every one can except what I have written here. But this is my understanding after reading few occult book.

    What I have mentioned here is not even 0.1% . Occult knowledge is vast, and it may take time to understand it properly.