• sonam007 30w

    ##dedicated to believers##

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    Always believe in yourself. Bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of shaking branches because it trust it wings. Always have faith on yourself and your potential in life. We are all winners as long as we learn from our past mistakes. Winner never quits and Quitter never wins. We all make mistakes in life and that's why pencil have a eraser at the top.
    Life is like a bank account we get back what we put in and nothing more. Always ask God for what you deserves because your desires might be smaller than what you deserves.
    Desires just causes suffering in life. To be happy in life be happy with what you have. Always remember that their are some who don't have food to eat and shelter to spend the night somewhere in this small world. So do feel lucky with what you have and be thankful to God for all this good things you have in life. Life can knock you down sometimes but have the spirit to wake up again. Tough times doesn't last but tough people do. Always keep in mind that "Yesterday ended last night" so don't drag you past with you. With a dragging foot you won't reach anywhere near to your dreams.