• jae_ne 5w

    Dear old love
    How are you doing since we parted ways, I'm hoping you have been with good health as i have.
    Dear old love you have yet to hear the tales of my new life.
    I want to say that I'm missing you but we both know that's not true, i really did move on,
    I went out to the world and gave it my heart. Like a fool, i hoped for a new love and the world gave me one. But here things are different from what I was used to, Things that came very free easy to me like affection, attention and communication, are so rare and expensive on this side, Things that you forced on me, I'm craving for now.
    Dear old love, I've met real monsters and they're tearing my heart apart. They feed on it without mercy. whatever wrong did i do to them.
    Here i cry and wipe myself my own tears,
    Here i fall and drag myself to stand again,
    Here i get lost and i have to find my way back all on my own.
    Dear old love, i have to say it was so easy with you
    You gave me everything and i still left,
    You gave me a world and i tossed it away.
    Should you see what has become of me
    Should you see what has fallen on me
    maybe you will let go of the pain you had to feel, when i thought i should let you go.