• drasmamohammadi 10w

    An Anhedonic Disheveled Man
    Engrossed In An Emotional Turmoil
    Paces Restlessly Across The Park
    Rough Hands Callused And Soiled

    Snuggled In A Sweatshirt Tattered
    He Keeps Secrets From Escaping
    In A Series Of Worries Involved
    As Though Sorrows He’s Calculating

    Fidgety And Fatigued Legs
    Pause To Relax On A Bench
    His Eyes Sunken With Grief
    Hold Stories I Wish To Listen

    Mind If I Smile At You And Ask
    What Is It That Heart Tolerates
    Asphyxiates You So Much
    That You Hurriedly Stride?

    But It Deters Me To Interrupt
    A Honey-Dipped Innocence
    Or To Break A Chain Of Thoughts
    So I’ll Let You Be In A Golden Silence
    ~the man in the park