• penned_imperfections 9w


    Any bond that is newly formed,
    By a spark of adventure it is warmed,
    With the passage of time a closeness is transformed,
    The individuals in question become reformed.

    A feeling of mutual love and affection grows,
    Talking all day your connection shows,
    Every little fact about you the other knows,
    You vow that this link will never decompose.

    But soon with time the spark begins to dim,
    Misunderstandings begin to rise based on a whim,
    The love you felt for each other starts to trim,
    For one another you no longer go out on a limb.

    The attachment once possessed now withering,
    Your opinions on various topics now differing,
    Your trains of thought no longer mirroring,
    Each other's happiness you stop considering.

    Both of you question what went wrong,
    What ruined a bond that seemed so strong,
    Contemplating whether you two together belong,
    Torn between having to leave or the misery to prolong.

    Let me make a few things clear,
    The doubts erupted when the spark started to disappear,
    The excitement and adrenaline that you held so dear,
    Letting it become your relationship's main pioneer.

    This thrill will always with passing time fade,
    Don't let this fact get you afraid,
    Infact this excitement is a double edged blade,
    It starts as an addictive high and leaves you feeling betrayed.

    Don't let this spark be the foundation of your trust,
    Doing this will eventually turn everything to dust,
    Instead you should learn and try to adjust,
    To believe that even through days of silence your bond will not rust.

    There will be arguments and there will be fights,
    Times when you won't talk through numerous days and nights,
    Moments when your temper will reach new heights,
    Instances when life will seem devoid of any delights.

    You have to decide if this person is worth the pain,
    That through all the bad times the respect would remain,
    If you're positive then work hard to maintain,
    You both only have each other to sustain.

    ~ JAV