• dipanjan_b 10w

    The Unspoken Voice

    I too have a life, I too have my dreams,
    I too want to speak, fly in fancy whims.
    I too want to learn, read those splendid books,
    I too want to groom my soul and my looks.

    I too want to see, through those mundane beams,
    I too want to paint, the canvas of my dreams.
    I can fly as well to win the mazarine sky,
    I can bring down grace, at least I can try.

    Give me a chance O dad, give me a chance to fly,
    Let me walk on earth, let me kiss the sky.
    I know I am a girl, but that's not wrong to be,
    I too have those thoughts, elegant as the sea.

    You wish to get a boy, a man with virile voice,
    I stood against thy heart, stood against thy choice.
    Is it what I did? Is it my mistake?
    I have been a girl, not the one who's fake.

    Trust me O dear mom, I will fill thy heart,
    Each a day with joy, with my splendid art.
    I too can make you smile, carry you over the lands.
    I will hold you through the miles, with my arduous hands.

    Let me get a chance, let me prove my part,
    Let me breathe again, let me feel my heart.
    Let me live a life, let me hold a soul,
    I too can reach the shore, I too can kiss my goal.