• binte_nadeem 10w

    Assalamualaikum wr wb dearest people!❤ Love is never easy, wheter you do it with the Lord of the lords or with His creation. It takes a lot of your efforts, many aches, a lot of sacrifices, a bundle of patience and most importantly, a large amont of honesty and faithfulness. Such is a pure love, whether with the Creator or the creation. But remember no matter what, He, Allah is the one who is worth of the highest position of our heart...How many times you say this sentence to Him in the darkeness of sujood or in the middle of night?
    "I Love You" ?? Ask this to yourself, have we left the one sho is the owner of this heart??❤

    ثابت یہ ہوا اے بشر
    کہ آتش عشق کمال کرتی ہے
    کبھی ملال بخش کر،
    کبھی چین چھین کر
    جیتنا زندگی سے سکھا دیتی!
    (I remember someone with this takhallus!���� You're missed hoor yara)
    Sabit ye hua ae bashr
    Atish e ishq kamaal krti ha
    Kabhi malal bakhsh kr,
    Kabhi chain cheen kr
    Jeetna zindagi se sikha deti ha!

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