• ivanaanag 9w

    Sparks amidst the dark

    She peeped through the window pane
    In the darkness of night
    The vision was light
    That sparkled amidst the dark
    The illuminating glimpses
    Showered the grace of enchants
    The imaginary world
    Turned into her eyes
    Her beautiful smile conquered her face
    And peace of mind made a pace
    Lonely and devastated in real she was
    Those did not matter
    Amidst the rays of Sparks
    She got trapped in illusion
    And glittery rays of vision
    Difficult it was..
    And contradictory though
    Those sparks were low
    In her real show...
    It's an infinite hope indeed
    Drenching her in mystique
    Those reveries locked
    Could be seen in those sparkles of light
    And the rays of hopes...
    Determines her to fight....
    And keep going
    As those sparks of light
    Shinning amidst the dark