• king_julio 6w

    How To Feel

    So I'm sitting here, looking at the trees and the sky
    Wondering how to feel

    Through all my thoughts, it's just you on my mind
    I'm wondering if this is for real

    I pace back and forth, up and down
    Could not stay still though I tried
    I'm angry I'm sad I do not know why
    I'm wondering how should I feel

    Should I call and say hey, a text message maybe
    Would would be appropriate to say
    Should I forget all this madness and stay in my place
    And leave
    This race, that I'm losing

    I'm picking I'm choosing
    How should I feel
    This internal struggle is leaving bruises
    And in my heart there is fear
    Of losing your love
    So I guess I'll just keep on moving

    So I'll continue to watch the trees and sky
    Wondering how to feel