• anagha_sivadas 10w

    My Best Friend

    We Never Met..

    He Was A Guy..Grown With A Bunch Of Beasts..
    Who Don't Know To Manage A Princess..
    Something Pulled Him Back From Being Himself To Her...
    The More He Hid Him..Most She Explored Him..
    She Wanted Him To Be Himself..But He Was Not Ready..
    Why ?
    Commitments Can Never Interfere Friendship If It's True..
    She Always Considered Him Important & Enough Prior..But He Couldn't Understand Her..
    She Never Knew That Her Love For Him Would Become A Threat To Their Friendship..
    He Never Knew That What His Support Meant To Her..Wat His Throw Away Made Her Suffer..
    Both Had A Long Conversation To Do...But Silence Remained...
    He May Manage His Queen..But Fails To Manage A Princess..

    When He Came Back..She Was In Cloud Nine..
    But He Was Not..She Had More People In Her Life When He Came Back..
    But He Never Understood That It Is Never Going To Break His Position In Her Heart..
    He Could'nt..
    She Also Gave Up..

    She Always Started The Conversations..
    And He Talked Unwillingly..
    She Could Feel The Neglect He Possess..
    Couldn't Tolerate His For Sake Attitude..

    She Always Loved Him..
    He Was The Same For Her..
    But She Was Nothing To Him..

    She Decided To Leave..
    From His Life..
    From Their Sake Friendship..

    "I Dont Want You To Throw Me Out Once Again..
    Still Love You..Take Care.."