• priyadarshinirout 5w

    It was an aim to protect my Nation. It was a dream to be a soldier. All of a sudden those dreams came true. It was hard to leave my parents but i was born to fight for Nation. The day when I got selected was the happy moment for me. Need to leave my state, leave my parents. Left her hand and went out to protect my Nation. They were proud because their daughter will stand on the border. That was training day, we had to be trained for 10 weeks. Training days over, after a year I went to fight on the border. There was a call from my mother, Dear, Is everything all right? Had your lunch or not? I was emotionally broken and said yes everything fine, Bless me, I am going for a fight. She cried and said promise me, you will call me soon, I replied I promise I will. Let me go, bye! We all went on a bus that was 14th February 2019,when we were passing through Jammu there was a sudden attack on us. We tried to save our life, shouting Jay hind!! I saw many dieing and I was heavily injured lying on land. There were many dead bodies shattered into pieces on the land. Injured ones were admitted to hospital, I saw my mother near my bed, standing and saying may God bless you! I smiled and said, I promised you and I am here now. I saw many parents crying for their son and daughter who died. That's what a soldier life wrapped in a flag, full of respect and full of pain and struggles.

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