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    "Oh don't be so silly!"
    "What? I'm just asking for one date"
    "You know Ron, it would ruin our friendship"
    "But Hermione, you like me, I like you, so what's the problem?"
    "I just.... can't risk our friendship"
    "Really? You think that can stop us?"
    "I don't know.... maybe it could....."
    Then he pulled her close as the surrounding faded out. They looked into each other's eyes just to meet their own reflection....
    "I love you",said Ron.
    And as the gravity grew stronger, his soft lips touched hers and sparks flew all around them. It all felt as if they were alone in their enchanted world and being in each other's arms was the safest thing. As the passion grew stronger, Mione simply caressed Ron's hair and said
    "I love you too, Ronald"

    This is a short au I created from Harry Potter. Hope you like it��

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    Ronmione - Love begins with friendship...