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    Hello my sunshine....
    My heartiest birthday wish to you my love. With each passing day we are getting closer and closer. It’s been a wonderful journey with you. My scorpion lady love you are the best in the world, rarest of rare. I feel so lucky that I could find you in this life and just wish to god that I find you again in all my lives. The kindest soul, most understanding and caring, you are a perfect role model for girls these days. The lady with utmost dedication towards her professional and personal life. Whatever I would say will not do the enough justice as you are way more than that.
    Wishing you all the happiness and me being the reason of it always and forever. Together is a happy place to be in this world.

    Blessed to have you in my life my love.

    Happy Birthday❤️🍎

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    Birthday Girl For You...

    Everytime I see you
    You make me realise
    How lucky I am
    To have you beside
    Always I wish to find you
    Again in each of my life.