• saphirahgoddis 30w


    hello how are u? i would like to start off my saying u are looking quite lovely this evening. i was wondering if u came alone or were u accompanied by someone.would u mind if i sat down beside u and share a glass of merlot with u love.by the way do dont mind me calling u love since that is the closest thing to beauty i could conjure to compare someone such as yourself to.did i tell u you had a radiant smile it drew me to u, the moment your eyes connected with mine.the way the lights shine off your skin ,i really just found enough in me to muster the courage up to ask u love before we leave here tonight this place right now ....all i want to know is .....would u mind if i touched you. a simple kiss will suffice .i need to know that u my dear ,all that i have seen and enjoyed.are for real.just one touch of ur lips or perhaps the smell of the perfume on ur skin as it comes close to mine.i wont ask u for anything else but to verify that this encounter by blessing me with just on touch of ur kiss.