• teenwriter 31w


    Her memory still haunts my mind
    At first she seemed so lovely and kind
    In her love I turned so blind
    I oversaw the plot of her cunning mind

    But all she did was leave me to dread
    She went back on the word she gave
    And tortured my heart as if it were a slave

    I had proposed hoping for a positive reply
    But being in love was something she did deny
    'I LOVE YOU' was something I longer to hear
    But her answer was such, I couldn't bear

    I lay in my bed
    Sick with misery and pain
    As I had everything to loose
    But nothing to gain

    The biggest mistake of my life she was
    For she cheated on me without a cause
    She was someone who used boys like me
    To pay for her amenities when she was in need
    But once we got our pockets emptied
    She would find someone else to fulfill her greed
    Being so dumb I was ready to sacrifice my life
    Yes she was the biggest mistake of my life.