• steviepietro 5w

    The Message

    we spit fire like dragons
    with words, we heat hearts up
    we breathe flaming words
    into the dampness of souls...

    it depends on the message
    sometimes our words are cold
    bringing winter to fiery hearts
    words falling like rain
    leaving them drenched
    and aching for more
    poetry is art
    and it's our job to do whatever it takes
    to send messages across

    the messages passed
    brings down storms
    to wipe away the tears
    and the fears...
    screams joyously into the gloom
    and mends with a loom
    weeps and whips
    sunders and wonders...

    brings hope when there's despair,
    mends broken hearts
    the flaming words breaks down insecurity
    with less complexities
    a guide to guard
    to make a sad face break a smile

    lights the darkness
    creates a path in the maze
    bathes the budding babe
    in a sea of honey
    and in the end, sends to eternal rest
    the withering flowers...

    ©steviepietro® & ©innoCent