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    Yes, those false acquisitions and curses were hurting,
    And everything you did to me, scaring,
    Leaving me was betraying,
    I blame you that I'm breaking.

    My work kept me killing,
    But my pockets were filling.
    Mind was realistic,
    But heart skeptic.
    Needful was done,
    Wishes left undone.
    Truth showed bitter but reality,
    But I was in love with the lie's audacity.
    Having you was everything I want,
    Letting you go because you were not everything I need still haunts.

    You walked in my life, it affected my reality,
    And my sense of morality,
    It did hurt when you left,
    But it hurt me more when I left.
    Every night you knock the doors in some corner of my head,
    But it's I that doesn't let me sleep,
    I don't blame you.