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    Avi's POV

    I am in such a great pain. She really is a maniac! I think my legs have turned blue and prints of cane have made them look ugly. Ugh...what am I thinking? I need to escape from here somehow. I think my parents and friends will be worrying about me. Maybe they have already reported to the police. I really have to bear with her torment for a little while. God knows! Maybe she will kill me if I did something wrong. Oh God! Please help me.

    After 5 minutes, I heard footsteps near the staircase of basement. I wonder if there is anyone in this house except both of us.
    "My love! I brought the ointment. It will give you a little burning sensation so please bear with it." She said in her cracked voice.

    See, I told ya, she is a total maniac. First of all, hurted me with her own hands and now regretting it. Maybe she is just putting on a show so that I will get attracted towards her. But that's not going to happen...nah, never.
    "Ouch" I squeaked," hey, apply it nicely. It's really hurting me."
    "S..sorry..I will apply it slowly." She was seeming threatened by me. What an hypocrite!

    "It's done! Now I will bring you some food, after all you haven't eaten anything since morning." She stood up with wobbly legs.
    Suddenly my eyes went to her legs and I saw some dark red-blueish marks on them. I wonder how did she got them.

    After five minutes, she brought food for me.
    "Look, Avi! I made this myself just for you. Taste it and tell me how is it!"
    I literally didn't want to eat anything made by her but the hunger was killing me so I nodded and guess what she didn't even unlocked my hands and started feeding me like a four year olds child.
    "Ugh.... can't you just unlock one hand and let me eat on my own?"
    "No, my love! I don't believe that you will co-operate with me. As soon as, I will unlock you, you will try to get away from me. And I don't want that!"

    Huh...she is viciously smart! After eating food I asked her,"Hey, tell me one thing, how did you got those marks in your legs?" Ugh....why do I have to ask her that but curiosity is eating me alive.

    She smiled," I am feeling so delighted to know that you care for me. Well, this is my punishment for hurting you!"
    "Whatttttt???? Are you totally insane? What in the world does that mean? This isn't even ridiculous!"
    "Why my love? I hurted you, so I deserve this. I am not like others who believe that hurting their loved ones will keep them near. If I hurted you, I also need to get hurt. After all, I love you with my whole heart. I will die for you, I will die with you and I will hurt every damn person, every damn thing that will hurt you including me. This is the depth of my love for you."

    She is a psycho! No, she is far more dangerous than that. God, why aren't you saving me?

    "Stop staring at me like I am an alien! By the way, I have a surprise for you. I think you will love it! Let me bring it down. It's really heavy." She chuckled lightly.

    Surprise? What could it be? How is she so confident that I will love that?
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